Checklist for Data Collection

Planning to collect data?

The items in the checklists are in chronological order – do not proceed to the next item if the previous step is not completed.

  • Have you decided why this data is needed?
    • Is the need for data collection aligned with the project’s objectives?
  • Have you decided how you are going to collect this data? (Paper-based, Google Forms, Mobile app etc.)
  • Have you developed a questionnaire for data collection?
    • Are the questions clearly worded and simple to understand? Are you sure there is no question that could confuse the reader?
    • Have you asked someone who is not associated with this project to read the questionnaire? Did they understand how to answer each and every question on their own without your help?
    • Are you 110% sure that your questionnaire is easy to understand?
    • Have you checked that the logic for response validation and form flow is working as intended?
  • Do you have an estimate for how many responses you will need for your work? Is there an estimate available for different geographies and groups?
    • Have you decided if the data will be filled by enumerators or by respondents directly?
    • Have you figured out how the enumerators will be trained in data collection methods, questionnaire administration, and ethical conduct?
    • Have you figured out how you are going to share the questionnaire/form link with all the respondents/enumerators?
    • Have you decided how the queries from respondents/enumerators will be answered and who will answer them?
    • In case of unexpected events that may disrupt data collection, has it been decided whose responsibility will it be to handle the contingencies?
  • Have you decided if you are going to conduct a pilot test of the questionnaire? Is there a good reason for that decision?
  • Is there a plan in place for how the collected data will be analysed and reported?

You may proceed now!