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This website is a dynamic and comprehensive guide for navigating the complexities of the Indian education landscape. Our mission is to empower stakeholders, like yourself, to transform data into impactful decisions that drive positive changes in education. Take the first step towards informed action by exploring the resources and questions tailored to your specific needs!

What is on this website?

This website is a valuable resource designed to help you leverage data for enhancing the quality of education in your state, district, or school. It offers a curated set of questions and resources that guide your data collection and analysis efforts. Organized by categories and geographies, you can easily filter and find relevant information based on your administrative level or the specific topics you’re interested in. Whether you’re seeking insights into infrastructure, addressing dropout rates, or improving programme quality, this site is your go-to hub for navigating the intricacies of educational data!

On this website you can also find resources to help you understand what a data system for education is and how it can serve the goals of the education system. Learn about taking a macroscopic perspective of data management alongside insightful historical context on key datasets and some key principles. Or explore checklists for your data journey.

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How can you use this website?

You have a few options for navigating this website:

  1. Start by exploring the Categories section, where questions are organized into four categories based on the topics they address.
  2. Visit the Geographies section to find questions categorized by the administrative level at which they are relevant.
  3. If you prefer a comprehensive view, the Archive page contains all questions and resources on a single page.
  4. You can also use the search bar at the top of the page to find content relevant to your specific needs.
  5. If you’re looking for a quick way to get started, click on one of the topics below to explore questions related to a specific topic.

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