Case Study: Using Performance Data to Enhance the Robustness in Government Systems and Data-based Decision Making

Targeted Enhancement of Learning Outcomes through Supportive Supervision (TELOS) was a state run programme to improve focal learning outcomes for Grades 3 and 5 by improvement in aligned performance indicators of teachers and supportive supervisors.

Focal learning outcomes identified by the state were converted into performance indicators for teachers and supervisors. Capacity building was undertaken under different echelons i.e., teachers, cluster resource centre coordinators (CRC), block resource coordinators (BRC) and SRG (state resource group) to enhance teacher capacities and hence, improve student learning outcomes.

Undertaken in Uttar Pradesh in 5 Districts, 72 Blocks, 743 Nyaya Panchayats, 8,246 schools, 1,163 Supervisors, 35,585 Teachers and 9,23,333 students, this programme brought robustness to the cascading structure of the education department. Teams at the block and district level acted as academic mentors for their regions by providing supportive supervision, conducting capacity building workshops and undertaking innovative projects contextual to the needs of the area.

An Example of Linked Performance Indicators and Learning Outcomes

A Sample Student Learning Outcome for Grade 5

Can discuss and answer listing, logical and fantasy questions related to various genres (picture, poem, story, description).

A Connected Teacher Performance Indicator

Give opportunity to answer listing, logical and fantasy questions based on text students have read.

Teacher asks information, logical and fantasy questions. Students answer and are offered suggestions to improve their answers. Teacher asks and students answer information, logical and fantasy questions. Teacher asks and students answer information questions. Teacher gives questions-answers and students copy them in their notebooks.

Connected BRC/NPRC Performance Indicator

Support the teachers to use different types of questions on a variety of genres (picture, poem, story, description) read in the class.

Prepare a list of different types of questions for discussion in the textbook and share it with teachers from time to time. Tell teachers to ask information, logic and fantasy questions from the text read. Tell teachers to complete the lesson and ask information questions from the students. Ask the teachers to complete lessons and give model answers to the questions given at the end.


A link between performance of supportive supervisors and that of teachers, and thus with student learning outcomes could be established through the data. Performance improvements of >25% were seen in BRTs which led to an improvement of >5% in student learning outcomes.

  • Performance indicators with descriptors allowed precise and accurate measurement of performance, and also acted as a framework for self-improvement
  • Building a common understanding of data-based processes for all stakeholders significantly improved the quality of data collected and its usage

Minimum enabling conditions for deployment:

  • State department should issue clear guidelines for the roles and responsibilities of the supervisors.
  • A shift in state leadership should not result in discontinuity of programmes with proven outcomes.